IMPORTANT NEWS: 2015-2016 enrollment packets are online for new students.  Lottery will not be held until April.  Kindergarten Round-Up is March 21, 8:00-10:00.

  Campus wide Community Service "Have  Heart" work day will be March 20, 2015 due to inclement weather.

Hello Treetopians!
It's that time of year, again- time to order your 2014-2015 yearbook!!
Sales start on Monday, February 2. Yearbooks are $25.
Orders are due by Friday, February 27.
Below is the link to the order form. Print it, fill it out COMPLETELY, and send it in with your payment. We will not accept orders without completed order forms.

We are also selling ad space in the yearbook. If you have, or work for, a business that might be interested in purchasing a 1/4, 1/2, or full page ad, please see the order form at the second link below. It has info on prices, sizes, and file formats. Ad orders are also due by Friday, February 27.
We cannot accept late orders for yearbooks or ads (we have our own deadlines), and we do not order extras, so please get you orders in on time!

Yearbook Order Form:   https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OFfMWLO51yPUB2yUCy5zoxKCC22dE9EWg5Fg6MwkWgQ/edit?usp=sharing
Ad Order Form:   https://docs.google.com/document/d/18pgS-3ad_eb_hcaVJqnU80r6ysAhiH4jbsAZlEH-n74/edit?usp=sharing


 Tours:  Monday-Thursday 9:00-10:30 no appointment needed
Thank you so much to HMS Host @ DFW for the juice donation!  Corporate sponsors ROCK!!
 Welcome and many thanks!  To me, Treetops School is and always will be a vision being carefully nurtured into a reality.  It is a school whose pledge to learning, creativity, independence and all the people who represent this.  I am ever so thankful for those that share the vision and celebrate our educational journey.  It has been a great first week.  Take some time with your family and loved ones this f our day weekend...you hold the most precious gift of all: time.  Ms. Lou
YAY!!!  High school Dual Credit students now enrolled for college classes: UTPB has partnered with Treetops. Way to go!
http://bookfairs.scholastic.com/homepage/treetopsschoolinternational ONLINE Scholastic Book Fair is open.  Fall sale begins 9/12.
It's hot!  Be sure your kiddos have a water bottle!  The flow of traffic is a work in progress, but please do not block the entrance or line up too early for your students pick up time.  Pull off on the shoulder and be courteous. It's going to be a great year!  Watch for pictures on our Facebook page to see what is happening around campus.
Welcome!  As a faculty we are excited that the 2014-2015 is under way!  Please be patient with the traffic flow as new families acclimate to the unique drop off and pick up pattern.  I hope that you had time to share with one another this summer and are ready to kick off the new school year!!  Ms. Lou

In honor of Leigh Brooks, someone I am eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to share a small part of my world. 

When Ms. Leigh turned 40 I racked my brain thinking about something to “give” to her, not monetary as those things are easy.   Here were my 40 reasons why Leigh Brooks meant so much to me, then and now:

 Everyone is beautiful at sixteen by nature of design… being beautiful at forty comes from within. You continue to be beautiful.

 Grace comes from strength under pressure. You continue to be graceful.

 Love, like the Beatles said, is only love when you give it away. You continue to share love.

 Children reflect their parent’s strengths. Yours are full of laughter.

 Sometimes you are my guilty pleasure at work.

 Imagination puts every single thing in living tech-no-color. You are now old enough to remember that term.

 Kindness does not come naturally. You are now officially “old” and kind. Makes you say, ahhhhhhhhhh.

 Life is possessed by tremendous tenacity. You have the tenacity to live.

 The earth, time, and patience often need a little tending. You remind me to strive for this, but I doubt I ever recycle ink cartridges.

 An unhappy person is more uncommunicative. You are a happy human being.

 Sometimes people just need to be. You do not hesitate to just be the presence for others.

 The calm before the, what? My brain often works like a search engine bouncing around from one mental picture to another. You can gather, focus and redirect my thoughts.

 I do not believe that families are blood relatives. Sometimes people come in our lives and love you when no one else will. You are good family.

 Ethical behavior is grounded in compassion, nurture and social bonds. You have empathy and the need for beauty and harmony.

 Remember my parable about being cool to the pizza dude as it is a practice in humility and forgiveness? It is a practice of honor and honest hard work. You take your responsibility and job with respect.

 It is necessary that every human shall be able to say and do what he/she wishes so their contribution is recognized. You understand that everyone is unique.

 People are good. Do bad things but are good. You remind me if life was meant to be easy there would be no mistakes.

 Words are easy, meaning them… not always so much. You have a gift of making every one feel they are important enough and offer the gift of “I will listen.”

 Your love of monkeys makes me smile.

 Lincoln said, “I shall do nothing in malice” You share that with Lincoln.

 There is music in your being, song in voice.   You sing because you want to, which makes others smile.

 When devastating news became your reality, You never lost sight that tomorrow would be another day. For me a better day because you were in it.

 Whenever I find a penny, Your saying of rusty nails and sweaty boys comes to mind. Images that we agree upon.

 On the pendulum swing of life You have the ability to focus on what is important to You, which often gives me perspective.

 “No road is long with good company.” You have made this journey better, thanks for coming along for the ride.

 Sometimes You remind me when it is ok to have the courage to sit down and listen instead of stand up and speak. You and Churchill must be kindred souls.

 Most of my memories of the ‘Tops are of the people that were a part of the experience. You are an important part of that memory.

 There are so many free gifts in this world… time, listening, respect, laughter and a smile. You often remind me by actions not words to give freely.

 Ego is a tough cookie to crack. You give me the freedom to just be.

 Dancing backwards has never been a strong suit for me. You give me the ability to let someone else lead. Maybe it doesn’t take two to tango, but it sure helps.

 Caring about what someone else cares about is true giving. You give and it is much appreciated.

 For some of us the world is a mass of infused color. You have a color coded system in your brain, which is humorous to me.

 Every now and then, You will share a Texas slang that pours from those Louisiana lips that always makes me giggle.

 You are the only person I have ever known from the Mother land to the east that does not eat red beans.

 What do Hot Yoga and monkeys have in common? A mental image only You will understand.

 Encryption and decoding are a special skill. Thanks to You my “writing while driving” is coherent.

 Everyone should have someone in their lives that will not pass judgment. You play an important role in mine.

 Sometimes the sound of a snort coming from Your desk, muffled in laughter makes the day complete.

 The thought of You riding like a shitzu hound around the block is relaxing, even from my desk.

 Your ability in talking me down the hill, literally and figuratively is a wonderful thing.

 If the sound of Fleetwood Mack blast through my speakers, You are who I think about…..even if Stevie Nicks queered the band for me.

 Why can You never find a pencil at your desk…oh wait, they are in my hair or my drawer at home, or my car.

 It is a rare thing for someone other than Darling to see tears (happy or sad) run down my face. Thank You for giving me that comfort zone.

 November 22, 1971 – April 23, 2014.   You taught me so much and I loved you so much, Lou










TRAFFIC ALERT:  Trinity Blvd is predicted to be closed for weeks, so if you commute that way, please use Hwy 10.
 Thank you to all the parents that came out and helped with K-3rd Literature Festival today.  We couldn't do all of these fun events without you!  We also want to send a gigantic "thank you" out to our awesome 8th grade students.  You guys were so helpful, and we so appreciate you so much!  Ms. Laura G
Today was such a treat! The high school Spanish classes and Mr. Andres could not have done a better job. The guitar player added such a special touch, I've never seen the gym looked better, and the food...yum. Our family continues to amaze me, many many thanks...Ms. Lou 
Many of you have asked what you could do to help Ms. Leigh while she is courageously battling the return of her breast cancer.  Leigh is on specialized diet and has requested us to not do food donations.  However, she did welcome the idea of gift cards to Whole Foods.  So if you would like to make a donation towards cards, feel free to donate any amount to the office and every Friday we will buy the cards and send them to her.  Or you may purchase them individually as you like.  Treetops will also be making a donation to the American Cancer Society, Leigh's choice of cancer research organizations and donations will be accepted in the office until the end of April.  Most importantly, just keep her close to your heart and in your thoughts as the human spirit is a wonderful thing.
Ms Lou
Online Scholastic Book Sales 
Open enrollment April 1. 
When inclement weather occurs school postings will be on Facebook, the school webpage, Channels 5,8,and 11 by 6:00am If you signed up for the parent text alerts, you will receive a text through Tx Portal.
I am so proud of our school. Treetops may not have the biggest student count, the newest buildings, or the fanciest classrooms, but there is no school that has a bigger heart. Our fall food drive collected over 4115 cans. Last years record was 3507 and I was so excited knowing how many families would not be hungry. This year I did not dream we would surpass that record by 608 cans. Our school community prides itself on reaching out to others by reaching out to the community at large. I cannot thank you enough for all you do and for sharing your young people with our school every day. It continues to be a humbling but honorable experience. Ms. Lou

Did You Know?

Did you know we have a 1923 T Bucket built from the ground up by our 9th-12th graders?  They meet on Wed @ 4:00.  Come join!
Did you know we adopted a 2 mile stretch on Hwy 157 to keep clean?  Wanna help? Check our calendar for work days!
Did you know we have volunteers in K-6 grade that read with our students, work in the Kinder and Elementary libraries? We can use your help.
Did you know we have 4th-12th grade grade Swim Team? Come support our team!
Did you know our students volunteer at Arlington Villa,  NE Tarrant Food Bank, Adopt An Angel Elderly Program, Samaritan House and volunteer at Fort Worth Main Street?  Volunteer to drive!
Treetops is blessed with many opportunities to support our school, check out the How You Can Help page.
Treetops School is a Texas Education Agency "Recognized" campus and "Met Standard" under STAAR 2013.

Treetops has a safe, wooded campus with accreditation from Texas Education Agency (TEA) and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Teacher to student ratio is approx. 1-17 per classroom KG-12th.

If you are new to our site and would like to find out more information on our school, please read the About Treetops and Frequently Asked Questions sections. Treetops does tours Monday-Thursday between the hours of 9:00am-11am. During summer months please call the office for an appointment. When school is in session, we encourage you to set up a day for your child to visit (call to set up visitation day). If you would like to put your child on our waiting list, please print out and complete the pre-admission form in the under Enrollment.  Please drop it off in the office, email to reneedulock@treetops.org, fax to 817-684-0892, or mail it to 12500 S. Pipeline, Euless, TX 76040.   If you have enrollment questions, please email Ms. Renee, reneedulock@treetops.org or call the office 817-283-1771817-283-1771!

Mission Statement:"Our mission is to inspire students to climb to new heights in service, character, and educating by creating a positive, safe community.



The goal of educators and parents have so much in common.  This article by Tim Elmore speaks to many issues facing families today.  It's worth taking a look at.
 www.GrowingLeaders.com  "Three Mistakes We Make Leading Kids."
Breakfast is served from 7:30-7:45 in high school building. 
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