Jessica Douglas - 6th Grade English Language Arts 
                            - 6th Grade World History  

About Me: I am very excited to be teaching 6th grade! I hope to get to know all of my students in the coming months, but here are a few facts about me. I am a History buff, I love learning facts about History and trivia in general. I am also a Movie/ TV buff (I can talk about Doctor Who all day), I am a dog person, I am a vegetarian, and reading is my favorite thing in the world. If there is one thing I hope to share this year with my students its my love of reading.  I think learning to love books is contagious, the more students that catch the bug the better. 

My Treetops Experience: I am a Treetops Graduate! I chose Treetops because I was struggling in a regular public high school. At the time I think my problem was a lack of motivation, but I just thought I was not as smart as the other students. Teachers that I worked with had 30 students per class and did not have the time to speak with me individually about my struggles. However, when I came to Treetops all that changed. The teachers here know how to encourage students in what they excel at and motivate students to work on what they need help with. I graduated Treetops a year before my expected graduation date, with mostly A's and B's. (I also made a perfect score on my TAKS Social Studies test, an example of what happens when you encourage students to reach new heights)  Now that I am a teacher I want my students to have the same Treetops experience that I had. I want to encourage and challenge students to reach new heights at things that they excel at and I want to motivate them to continue to work hard at things that might not come easy for them. I want to create a safe and healthy learning environment where they feel encouraged to ask questions and are not afraid to truly "dive in." 

Education: BA History from UTA
                  Teaching Certification from UTA
Mission Statement: "Our mission is to inspire students to climb to new heights in service, character, and education by creating a positive, safe community."
Last Modified on August 14, 2016