I teach 6th Grade Math & Science.  This will be my second year at Treetops.  I love our school and couldn't be more blessed!

About me
I was born in Arlington, Texas.  When I was a teen my family moved to Okinawa, Japan where I graduated from high school! "Go Kadena Pathers!!!!"   I finished my bachelor's degree at Bellevue University in Bellevue, Nebraska.  My husband and I have two precious daughters who are in first and third grade.  

I am certified to teach early education up to 8th grade.

Mrs. Andrea's Wish List

Fun Facts
True or False Quiz about Mrs. Andrea’s childhood*
1)  In school, math was my favorite subject.  
2)  Most challenging subject for me was reading.
3)  I had a pet goat named Mathis.
4)  I met two of my current closest friends in 5th grade.
5)  My cousin and I spent many hours playing school and pretended to grade papers as children.  
6)  I was president of my student council in 8th grade.
7)  I started water skiing at the age of 5.
8)  Michael Jackson went to my prom.
9)  My first car at 16 had the steering wheel on the right side of the car and I shifted the gear stick with my left hand.
10) As a kid I was scared of roller coasters.
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