How You Can Help /Co-op Opportunities
Co-op opportunities are abound:  
1. Volunteer to read with young students during the school day.
2. Volunteer to lead an after school activity: teach a class.  Do you speak another language?  Art? Drama?  Puppet Theater?
3. Chair an auction, Bingo, spaghetti dinner or carnival in spring?
4. Contact local corporations to be Community Partners? 
5. Volunteer to take lunch duty for your child's teacher?
6. Chaperone field trips
7. Help with our school "Adopt a Hwy" program on 157... it is 2 miles and there is a great deal of trash.
8. Provide snacks for the teachers.
9.  Help with the Book Fair in Fall and Spring.
10. Make copies, curt out papers for teachers, laminate.....these are things you can do at home or at your office.
Treetops is a co-op school. Having parents on campus volunteering shows the students your commitment to their education. We ask each family to donate about 6 hours of their time per month. You must pass a background check every school year. Opportunities abound, check out the list below.  An alternative plan donate items off of teacher's wish lists or flat donations. For every $10 you donate, you receive 1 coop hour.
Please fill out a coop sheet for your time, they are available in the office or:
To volunteer on campus please read the following guidelines:

                                                                           Volunteers on Campus

 Our school is dependent on our volunteers and our co-op to have a successful school year. Protecting our students, faculty and facilities is very important which includes not only the physical aspect but also individual student academic, discipline, personal, and enrollment data.  


All information, including, but not limited to identifying data, physical skills, academic skills, attendance are all confidential and never permissible to discuss. Please do not discuss student information in front of other students, to other parents, with another school employee if you are not alone and it did not pertain to your activity or student. Please do not discuss family matters, any information a student may share with you, or conversations you may have overheard between other faculty members. If you have concerns, please go to the coordinator or administration in a private meeting. Once you have left our campus, please refrain from speaking about students, other parents, and faculty. Being on our campus requires a sacred trust that this information will never be repeated except to proper authorities at appropriate times and settings. 

 Volunteering in the Classroom Teaching is so much more than a job. Every teacher on this campus has made a conscious effort to be where they are and are dedicated to utilizing every minute of the school day. Our classrooms are jammed packed with materials for learning and often having an extra person in the room becomes more of a distraction than a help, so please follow the protocol: 

 Arrive 5 minutes before your commitment opportunity.

Return all utilized and non-utilized materials to the teacher.

Come to the office to complete a co-op form.

Most of all, know that you have made a difference in a child’s life.

 Teachers may never speak to you about another student in any capacity. If you have a concern about the activity you are involved in, please email or set a conference time with the teacher or coordinator. 

 In the early grades teachers may have a “specials” opportunity for enrichment times

during the school day. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your talents, but this is a classroom teacher and cluster coordinator decision. Check the web page or teacher emails for opportunities.  

 Substituting:  You must attend substituting training before subbing!

Attendance: class roster will be located on teacher’s desk.

Lesson Plans: a sub folder or lesson plans will be provided

Cell phone usage (calls, texting, photos, messaging) is not allowed when supervising students during the school day.

If there is an emergency such as an injury, bad weather, discipline problem please go to the lead teacher or coordinator and then follow instructions and procedures. 

Confidentiality protocol must be followed.

 Closed Campus

 Treetops facilities do not have a designated work area for parents to gather. Even though each building has a teacher workroom, they are also used as auxiliary classrooms which often contain confidential student materials. Unless a coordinator has determined that a volunteer opportunity is needed in those areas of campus they will be open to school personnel only. To use the laminator or other materials located in these areas, a faculty member will clear the area and the time availability before allowing volunteers into that space.

 Treetops is a unique campus that offers so many opportunities for children to play and enjoy nature. The campus is a shared 22 acre campus for use by enrolled students K-12.   Our grounds and playground equipment is for all Treetops students to share and must remain closed to any others before, during, and after school. Dismissal times stagger and the use of the grounds varies during the day but as a school we have concerns and liabilities for all students who are on our equipment at all times. Please keep un-enrolled children with you at all times and off school equipment due to safety concerns.   



  Campbell soup labels and Box Tops for Education


When shopping at Tom Thumb add Treetops to your Reward card our school code is 5759.

Shop at Kroger?  add Treetops to your reward card!  Our school code is 37403

Other ways of "How to Help" are: 40% donated to Treetops when you select our school :  select Treetops School
Treetops School is always appreciate corporate donors.  HMS Host Corporation adopted our school campus and provided paper products, campus improvements, and facility maintenance.